Did you know that 96% of women who lose weight gain it back?! That’s because they haven't been taught the REAL reason behind successful weight-loss.


Let me start off by saying that there is no “magic pill” or “detox tea” here to save the day. What I am sharing with you is real SOLUTIONS to real PROBLEMS. I am tired of seeing the weight-loss industry leave out the REAL reasons on why you’re struggling to lose the weight.


I once stood in your shoes and I know what you are going through. I was once frustrated and tired of spinning my wheels. No trainer or coach could give me answers. I was stuck in a never ending cycling of struggling with my weight and with my relationship with food. This was until I discovered the FOUNDATION of weight-loss, THAT NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT. Once I made this discovery, there was no going back. Since then, I have lost 30 pounds and I’ve completely transformed my body. Today, I teach hundreds of women how to do this for themselves.


This is why I created Fresh Start To A Conscious Body. A 15 page guide that will teach you exactly what I did and what I’ve helped other women do to transform their lives and bodies. This guide is exactly what I wish I had during my struggles with losing weight, healing my relationship with food and my negative body image.


This guide is for anyone who:

  • Is looking for a real solution to weight-loss

  • Is ready to change their view about weight-loss and self-love

  • Is ready to redefine their weight-loss journey


What this guide will do for you:

  • Shift your beliefs around weight

  • Give you the tools you need to be successful

  • Transform your life and body


What it comes with:

  • Sample meal guide

  • A supportive community of like minded women

  • Transformative journal prompts designed to bring awareness to your weightloss journey

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    15 pages


©2020 by Jackie Sanchez