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Coming June of 2019: 
>> Conscious Body Intensive <<


Change your view about weight-loss and self-love in 30 days. 

I see so many of you struggling with the primary foundations of weight-loss. This journey is more than just eating right and working out. It’s mental, it’s emotional, it’s spiritual. I’ve created a 30 day intensive designed to help you re-define your weight-loss journey. 


What it will do for you:

•Identify your beliefs around weight-loss.
All of us have unconscious conditioning about our bodies. You will learn to identify yours and what it takes to reprogram yourself to finally start living in the body you knew you were destined to experience life in.


Transform Your Body:
Transforming your body does not have to be complicated. Learn and MASTER the most effective systems that are going to help you lose the weight.


•Join The Conscious Body Family
Build a community of like-minded and driven women to support you. Together you will practice breaking through ANY obstacle that are holding you back from thriving in your body.

-No diets 
-Will include meal guide
-Will include journal prompts

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There isn't enough room

in your mind for both

worry and faith.

You must decide 

which one lives there.


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